Our Covid Work

Image: Untitled, Chudy Ogobegwu, Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria, 2021

COVID-19:  Evidence to Inform Policy & Mitigate the Impact in Nigeria

With less than 400 intensive care beds, and about 350 ventilators in the country, COVID-19 presented Nigeria with complex challenges. Testing was being increased across the country and isolation centres established, which in turn, generated more data and helped to contain the spread of the virus.


The response in Nigeria was led by the Presidential Task Force (PTF) and we supported this work, by providing access to epidemiological, surveillance and modelling information to aid rapid decision making.

Our Project involved:

  • Summarising international data and best practices;
  • Generating and synthesising local data with NCDC and other local partners;
  • Developing a Nigeria-based COVID19 transmission model; and
  • Disseminating best evidence to inform policy and action

Our deliverable is linked with The Lancet Nigeria Commission to ensure that we maximised lessons learned, while contributing to the ongoing response. Find out more

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